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Social Studies: Team Epic Digital Strategist Caity Kauffman On Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Best social media advice: Always know what your objectives are. I believe a lot of people are on social media because they think, ‘Everyone’s here; we need to be here, too.’ You have to work backwards when you are building a social media strategy. Figure out where you want to be and figure out how you want to get there rather than just jumping on board. Biggest challenge of social media: The evolution of it. It moves very quickly. There’s so much of it that’s uncharted. I was reading a story about the legal ramifications of joke-stealing on Twitter. The space is so far ahead of our legal system, which is becoming a problem. The legal system needs to catch up to this industry. The rules change on you every day, and that’s what you have to stay on top of.

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